Vacating the charm of LeFay Cottage for even a few hours of adventure or wine tasting feels as if paradise were lost. Elegance warmly embraces guests upon arrival.

Visitors become immediately entranced at the first step through each door in every room. Hints of a passion for faerie culture are revealed around corners and in nooks with an entire guest bedroom designed as a faerie devotée homage.

Romance and fantasy are enhanced by the stylish appointments in the reimagined English Country/Shabby Chic meets antique French Provincial decor.

LeFay Cottage is a tableau of garden delights- like stepping into a Monet or Renoir painting of pastoral sereneness: a palette of blush, vanilla and sage kissed by sunlight, splashed with all the shades of a glass of summer rosé.

The atmosphere is effortlessly understated elegance. A casually inviting ambiance with all the comforts of home and the subtle courtesies of an elite boutique hotel: locally-roasted coffee, luxurious linens and London’s finest toiletries.

Expectations are great that at any moment the table may be set for….

An intimate candlelight dinner for two.

A farm to table feast.

Or a Mad Hatter tea party replete with crumpets and clotted cream served up by Alice or the March Hare and “wine” or tea, perhaps poured by the faerie queen.